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Sunrise Sunset Farm LLC

Rob bought this farm in 2020, after an injury in his previous career left him unable to go back to work. This farm has given him new life and purpose. It is named for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The farm has a great view to both the eastern and western horizons. 


 Rob loves his chickens or his "ladies" as he calls them.  They are quite spoiled. He has plans to add more animals and crops in the coming years. 



The ladies who lay our eggs are free range and pasture raised. They eat non-GMO feed, high quality table scraps, alfalfa, and free range bugs and berries. 


Their coop is quite nice with 12-16" of wood shavings. They are free range outside during the day. You might see them out and about when you come to pickup your eggs. 

Some pictures of the ladies on the farm. 

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